AHU Maintenance

The cleanliness and performance of the Air Handling Unit can be compromised if debris is allowed to build up on coils in chambers and on fan blades. AHU maintenance is essential if you want your handling unit to function at its most efficient. VSS Ireland can reduce the chance of costly replacement of these units by regular maintenance including:
  • Filter Changing with filters available from EU1 to HEPA specifications.
  • Anti-corrosion coating to drip trays and floors.
  • Replacement of panel locks and resealing.
  • The replacement of drive belts and pullies
  • Fan replacement and bearing replacement
  • Heating/cooling coil replacements
Our team of experienced surveyors have an in-depth knowledge of the operational and maintenance requirements of all types of air handling unit. A detailed examination of the unit will be undertaken so that a quotation covering all the required elements i.e. coil cleaning, filter replacement and drive belts can be prepared.

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