Ductwork Pressure Testing

Air leakage from ducted distribution systems is an important consideration in the design and operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. A ductwork system that has limited air leakage, within defined limits, will ensure that the design characteristics of the system can be maintained. It will also ensure that energy and operational costs are kept to a minimum.

The Building Regulations require ductwork leakage testing, with implications for designers, installers, and maintenance contractors.

Ductwork airtightness levels is measured by ductwork pressure testing by a Technical Specialist, usually involving temporarily connecting a duct leakage tester to pressurise the ductwork including duct-mounted components. 

Following our service, we provide detailed, digitised reporting and certification to our clients within 72 hours, assuring them that their premises are safe, sanitary, and compliant with all relevant regulations.  All VSS Ireland site works are overseen by our experienced contract management team and service delivery department.


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