HTM 03-01 Compliance

Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Buildings

HTM 03-01 Regulations provide guidance on the design and management of heating and specialised ventilation systems in health sector buildings. This regulation applies to new installations and major refurbishments of existing installations.

Operating theatres, isolation rooms, hospital wards and specialist areas all have unique challenges and safety requirements.VSS Ireland specialises in the healthcare sector and have undertaken HTM compliance works for a vast number of Health Trusts and differing property types. Our experience allows us to advise on the best techniques and approaches for cleaning and maintenance procedures so that Healthcare providers achieve the most effective outcomes with minimal disruption and cost.

Following our service, we provide detailed, digitised reporting and certification to our clients within 72 hours, assuring them that their premises are safe, sanitary, and compliant with all relevant regulations. All VSS Ireland site works are overseen by our experienced contract management team and service delivery department.

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