Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Sampling and air quality assessment is undertaken to determine the quality of air in an occupied area and/or workplace. The key tests generally associated with this are:
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • carbon dioxide
  • carbon monoxide
  • airborne sampling for both bacteria and fungi
  • sampling for specific pollutants or groups of pollutants if necessary
  • Particle counting
  • Volatile organic compounds
The results obtained are cross-referenced against current industry environmental standards and guidance. A comparison to outdoor air conditions can be made if appropriate. On completion of testing and analysis of results, your indoor air quality can be confirmed in a full and detailed, digitised report and certification within 72 hours. All VSS Ireland site works are overseen by our experienced contract management team and service delivery department. Contact us for a no obligation consultation to get started, or to book a service today.

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