Preferred Vacuum Testing (PVT) – Air Hygiene Reporting

Over time, Ventilation supply and extract ducts can become contaminated with different materials such as dust, building material contaminants and microbiological bacteria. These can adversely affect the performance of a ventilation system whilst also putting residents and other occupants of a building at risk from fire or bacterial hazards.

It is a legal requirement for the building owner or occupier to ensure air handling units are kept clean and contaminant-free, and in many cases, Air Hygiene tests have uncovered serious potential hazards which our clients were then able to address on their premises.

Using Preferred Vacuum Tests (PVT)  or Microbiological Swab Tests we can assess the air quality passing through the ventilation system. Tests are taken on-site by appointment and sent to our laboratory for testing. A detailed report is provided to measure the Air Quality against 3 different SQC Ratings:

  • Hospitals
  • Labs
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses

Depending on the levels of contamination found, the ventilation system is given a pass or fail rating. The results of this testing are then issued in a report to the client with our recommendations for the next steps if required. All VSS Ireland site works are overseen by our experienced contract management team and service delivery department.

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