We’re Moving! VSS Ireland moves to new location.

VSS Ireland Limited's New Address

Due to the continued expansion and diversification of our services spanning Fire Door and Damper Testing/Maintenance, Ansul and Amerex Fire Suppression Installs/Maintenance, Kitchen Extract and AHU Installation and Maintenance Certification and Air Quality/Purification/Infection Control testing and products, Ventilation Surveys and Services Ireland Ltd have found our forever home at a new, larger premises in Carlow […]

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend Opening Hours

VSS Ireland Easter Opening Hours

  Ventilation Surveys and Services Ireland Limited would like to wish all our staff, clients, suppliers and contacts a very happy Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Please note our amended opening hours for this weekend: Friday April 02nd to Monday April 05th. Team VSS Ireland Ltd

Seasons Greetings and Christmas Opening Hours

Ventilation Services Opening Hours

Ventilation Surveys and Services Ireland Limited would like to thank all their staff, clients, suppliers and contacts for all their support throughout 2020. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Team VSS Ireland Ltd

Why You Need To Stay On Top Of Air Conditioning Maintenance


As the temperature rises during the summer time you need your air conditioning system to be functioning more than ever. Air conditioner maintenance is important not only to keep the room cool but also to uphold air quality standards as poor indoor air quality can pose health risks and make for an uncomfortable workplace. We […]

What Makes Kitchen Extraction Cleaning So Important?


The buildup of dirt and grease in kitchen extraction systems is one of the leading causes of fires in buildings, but extraction duct cleaning is a maintenance task that is often overlooked. What we can’t see can’t harm us, right? Wrong! Although the exterior of your kitchen extraction system may look clean, what lies inside […]

Fire Dampers, Their Importance, And Why They Need Testing


Fire dampers may not be the most glamorous part of fire safety, but they are one of the most crucial. If fires don’t have the appropriate obstacles ie the fire dampers, the ductwork and ventilation systems of any building can easily exacerbate a fire scenario by passing smoke and flames throughout the building quickly. This […]