AMEREX Kitchen Protection

VSS Ireland is a trained, certified, licensed provider of the acclaimed AMEREX fire suppression system designed for professional kitchens.

AMEREX Kitchen Protection (KP™) Fire Suppression System:
KP is a staple in commercial kitchens around the world. To meet NFPA guidelines and ensure quality, Amerex stringently tests this product with Underwriters Laboratory to meet UL 300, Standard for Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment. KP is designed to accommodate the needs of building and restaurant owners who utilise restaurant fire suppression systems to protect their valuable property and ensure the safety of the people working in the kitchens. From fine dining to fast food chains, the Amerex Kitchen Fire Protection system has the components to meet your needs with competitive pricing while never sacrificing quality.


Our technicians are trained and certified to perform servicing and installations on Amerex Kitchen Protection Systems. They are also confined space trained, working at heights competent, asbestos awareness trained and are familiar in working in areas where safety, cleanliness and hygiene standards are critical.

Upon completion of the Amerex Kitchen Protection System Installation or Servicing, all sites are issued with a full detailed report incorporating digital images of Pre and Post Service conditions, fire safety certification, and a full CAD generated colour coded schematic. Using bespoke reporting and certification software, our clients can receive these detailed reports within 72 hours of onsite project completion.

AMEREX Kitchen Protection

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