Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

VSS Ireland are the industry leaders in commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning in Ireland. We have vast experience in working in healthcare premises, secure buildings and prestigious commercial, retail and food service environments where we regularly service over 1500 commercial kitchen extraction systems, including canopies.

Kitchen Extract and Canopy Cleaning is a critical and mandatory requirement for all businesses utilising a commercial kitchen. Grease deposits are unhygienic, and grease that accumulates within the Canopy of Extract System presents an increased fire risk to the property and any adjoining areas that the system may pass through. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Insurance companies stipulate that systems should be cleaned from deposits regularly to reduce the risk of fire spread. We clean grease extraction systems to industry standards to reduce fire and hygiene risks presented by grease deposits within the canopies, ductwork and fan units.

We use state-of-the-art equipment in our work, and continue to invest in the latest innovative technology to help us deliver exceptional results and exceptional results for our clients. For example, our Lifa Air mechanical rotary brush machines with degreasing foam applicators, enable us to clean areas that were previously inaccessible or required human entry to the ductwork. This saves our clients time and money. We also use the most advanced techniques such as rotary brushing, mechanical cleaning, compressed air jetting techniques and conventional hand cleaning.

Our technical staff are trained and certified to the highest industry standards. Our teams are highly skilled at grease removal and cleaning. They are also confined space trained, working at heights competent, asbestos awareness trained and are familiar with working in areas where cleanliness and hygiene standards are critical.

Upon completion of the Kitchen Canopy Cleaning, all sites are issued with a full detailed report incorporating digital images of pre and post-clean conditions, grease deposit levels, a cleaning certificate and a full CAD-generated colour-coded schematic. Using bespoke reporting and certification software, our clients will receive these detailed reports within 72 hours of onsite project completion.

All VSS Ireland site works are overseen by our experienced contract management team and service delivery department.

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