Ductwork Inspection & Surveys

We use the latest technology and procedures and employ only extensively trained and experienced personnel to carry out ductwork inspection and surveys of HVAC/Duct systems, to ensure continuous and efficient operation.

HVAC/Duct systems need to be inspected and cleaned regularly as part of a planned maintenance routine to maintain system efficiency and integrity and safeguard against the following hazards:

  • Poorly maintained HVAC/Duct systems contribute to poor air quality and contaminated ductwork
  • Filters and air handling units are a breeding ground for bacteria moulds and fungus
  • Accumulated dust and loose corrosion within HVAC/Duct systems reduces efficiency and has a long-term impact on the integrity of the system
  • Within exhaust re-circulating systems and kitchen/galley extracts, debris build-up increases the risk of fire.

VSS Ireland use state-of-the-art duct inspection robots to accurately record the condition of the ducting. Upon completion of the survey, our clients will receive a detailed report of the condition of the ducting including a video of the inspection and pictures taken of specific components from the drawings provided. For areas that are too small for the robot to take video footage, our team of engineers will take pictures where possible to give a complete picture of the ductwork.

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