Strategic partnership: VSS Ireland Ltd, and Rosanagh Ltd.

Aim to simplify facilities management with a unique service expansion

  • The VSS Ireland – Rosanagh strategic collaboration will deliver a unique suite of comprehensive Air, Fire and Water Hygiene and Safety solutions for Business Owners, Safety Officers and Facilities Managers across the island of Ireland. 
  • VSS Ireland are already the go-to specialists for Installation, Cleaning, Maintenance and Certification of Ventilation Ductwork, Kitchen Extract Systems, and Fire Safety Systems in Ireland.
  • Rosanagh provides state-of-the-art Water Hygiene, Legionella Compliance and Mechanical Works solutions to companies all over Ireland from their base in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.
  • The strategic partnership will streamline the expertise and capabilities of two skilled teams to expand the offering of both companies, presenting their customers with exceptional efficiency, cost savings, and convenience, and delivering an unmatched suite of services in the Irish market. 

Carlow, Ireland, and Lisburn, N. Ireland – June 2, 2022

During these extraordinary times, more and more Irish business owners are aware of their vital responsibility for public health and safety within their facilities. Hygiene and safety standards have become a critical focus for every business, and not just a regulatory responsibility that they must meet for the sake of compliance.

Joe Curran of VSS Ireland, and Seamus Bracken of Rosanagh, are dynamic, industry veterans and former work colleagues, who have come together to meet these needs. Their companies have already collaborated on multiple projects, achieving highly successful outcomes for their clients. From those collaborations, they recognised a need and an opportunity in the market; to present their customers with a simplified, but comprehensive, suite of services that would ensure their clients would be safe, compliant with industry best standards, and assured of meeting their regulatory responsibilities.

The partners’ objective is to make life easier, safer and healthier for their clients – creating a new standard of excellence in the industry, and synergising processes within and between the companies to create substantial gains in efficiency and value for their customers. Given the strength of both companies’ skilled and certified teams of technical experts, the market will gain significantly from this collaboration.

“In Rosanagh, we saw the missing link in our value chain,” explains Joe Curran, Group CEO of VSS Ireland and Rosanagh. “The same customers who trust us with their Air Ductwork and Fire Safety needs, also need to guarantee Water Safety for their customers and their staff. By collaborating with Rosanagh, we are offering added greater value for our customers, our partners, and our suppliers”.

The strategic partnership aims to serve all business and homeowners, and holds special promise for the food service industry, where hygiene, health and safety is critical but often handled by multiple vendors operating on different schedules, and following different certification protocols.
Joe continued “Managing assessments, testing, certification and remedial actions can be very cumbersome for the average business owner already juggling many tasks in the day. We work with over 2,000 businesses in Ireland and they all have the same goals – to keep their customers and staff safe, to simplify the health and safety process, and to minimize disruption in their business. We have structured our whole business around our client’s needs, and we’re pleased to say that this customer-centric strategy has worked for us. We’re the ones who keep track, and issue reminders of when testing and certification is due, and we manage the onsite work on a schedule that suits our client. You’ll often find VSS Ireland or Rosanagh vans on the road during unsocial hours for that reason!”

These dynamic companies are equally committed to digital transformation. They each have robust, digital communication processes in place, so that a client usually receives his digital certification within a day of the site assessment. The entire visit, and any works carried out, are photographed and documented in a detailed report to the client and backed up on file for posterity, or until required during a Safety Inspection. The same platform is used in the planning, deployment, and administration of resources for a range of processes, including bookings and scheduled services which greatly optimise workflows and efficiency within the teams.

Greater competitiveness, greater convenience in a dynamic environment

The strategic partnership between VSS Ireland and Rosanagh came as a result of market demand, explains Seamus Bracken, Group Managing Director of VSS Ireland and Rosanagh.

“As former Sales Director of VSS Ireland, I am familiar with their unsurpassed suite of services and their reputation for exceptional customer care. I’ve been recommending Joe and his VSS Ireland team for years now, and we have had a chance to collaborate closely on a number of projects. We became aware that nobody in the market was packaging these synergistic services together – even though that would be most convenient and valuable for the customer. When given a choice, the simplest option is usually the most effective! That’s what this partnership is – a simple but comprehensive service that gives my customers and VSS Ireland’s customers exactly what they want to work with, and what they need from a health, safety and compliance point of view”.
The companies together hold the highest levels of accreditations in the marketplace, and these teams are committed to building the strongest and most highly certified team of technical specialists in Ireland through continuous upskilling of their workforce.

“Our Accreditations demonstrate that we have undergone rigorous review and regular evaluations under independent governance. It reassures our clients that we are delivering high quality services, and that we are qualified to ensure their businesses will be fully compliant with industry standards and regulations”, added Paul Duff, Technical Director.

To learn more about the range of services offered by VSS Ireland and Rosanagh, contact them as detailed below.

About VSS Ireland

With 25 years of experience under our belts, Carlow-based VSS Ireland are the go-to specialists for installation, cleaning, maintenance and certification of ventilation ductwork, kitchen extract systems, and fire safety systems all over Ireland.
We are the preferred provider for large retail chains and hospitality venues, and we are proud to work with some of Ireland’s most prestigious brands. We aim to offer our clients the best possible guidance for ventilation compliance, regardless of industry sector. We have successfully managed projects in Healthcare, Government, Commercial, Retail, Leisure, and extreme Industrial environments, as we are able to cater for any and all requirements, regardless of sector.

About Rosanagh

Rosanagh is a leading provider of Water Hygiene, Legionella Compliance and Mechanical Works solutions offering a wide range of products, services, and expertise. We support residential, commercial and industrial customers, based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland we cover works throughout the whole of Ireland.

We offer a wide range of services to clients in the public and private sector, aimed at offering a ‘one stop shop’ for legionella compliance. This includes the initial Legionella risk assessment, creation of a site-specific control scheme, cleaning and disinfection services, temperature monitoring, microbiological monitoring and analysis, remedial works and other water hygiene services. We have a commitment and focus on providing personalised service that earns the ongoing loyalty of our customers. Every day, hundreds of families and businesses rely on us as their trusted advisor to help them meet their water service requirements.

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