Air Filtration Supply and Fit

Air Filtration Supply & Fit

Air Filtration maintenance, in HVAC systems, helps to stop the spread of particles, gases and emissions through the system. Our team of qualified engineers can carry out planned maintenance of air filtration filters.

We assess the condition of filters and recommend a programme and supply and fit all aspects and types of air filtration filters from G1 grade up to U17.

We supply and install panel filters, bag filters and HEPA Filters. By having the correct filter schedule in place there is an increase in performance in the system and reduced energy consumption as well as benefits to human health.

Following our service, we provide detailed, digitised reporting and certification to our clients within 72 hours, assuring them that their premises are safe, sanitary, and compliant with all relevant regulations. All VSS Ireland site works are overseen by our experienced contract management team and service delivery department.

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